Affordable technology solutions exist,
we promise.

As a technology service company, our clients come to us after exhausting off-the-shelf software to run their businesses.
We deliver cost-effective custom solutions, every time, every day.

Our services

Software Development

We develop custom software for clients across the nation to improve their businesses by streamlining processes, automating tasks, and delivering data to decision makers.

Business Intelligence

We update existing programs or build new software to incorporate more graphs, charts, and reports so the data tells the ”real” story.

What makes SPARK different?

We aim to have a clear and attractive return on investment for our clients.

We actively reduce scope to help ensure project success.

We provide solutions that give our clients more options, not less.

Client success stories

We work in multiple industries, including healthcare, retail, music and entertainment, education, commercial, and more.

James E. Fulton & Sons

Excavation Contractor

Esper Electric

Electrical Construction

Andy Egan JobPointe

Mechanical Contractor

CSM Group

Construction Management

Fetzer Digital Library