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Bob Armbrister

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Dashboards | Custom Software

5 Benefits of Custom Construction Management Software

See how custom construction management software creates a “single source of truth” from your business data that allows you to save time and costs.

Custom Software

12 Construction Software Features That Your Business Needs

The construction industry is finally embracing technology. Your success depends on choosing the construction software features that best fit your needs.

'Think Like a Software Company:' A New Mindset for Construction Leaders

See why construction leaders need to 'think like a software company' to transform old, outdated processes into a tech-embedded business that thrives in today's challenges.

Custom Software

The tech landscape has changed. How to get efficient and STOP using digital duct tape.

Tech strategy in 2022 will be different. It’s not about installing software. It’s about using data to differentiate your services and thrive. See how.

Dashboards | Custom Software

Construction: How to Visualize Your Data Daily with Reporting and Dashboards

Construction managers have to do a lot to oversee job sites, and usually from a distance. Learn how to stay connected and on top of jobs with dashboards.

Digital Products | Custom Software

How to Maximize Tax Benefits When Building Custom Software for Your Business

The process of capitalization or expensing when developing software is a tax benefit that most businesses don’t know they have.

Custom Software

How to Plan for Digitization in a Construction Business

Our step-by-step guide shows how construction owners can digitize their business from operations apps and management dashboards to field data collection.

Custom Software

Why Successful Businesses Build Custom Software Versus Off-the-Shelf

When companies face issues and opportunities unique to their business, custom software versus off-the-shelf can be a difference maker. Learn how!

Custom Software

How Custom Software Works for Any Size Business (Not Just Enterprise)

Think your business is too small or not unique enough to warrant building custom software? Learn how software projects can fit any scope or budget.

Custom Software

Custom Software: Why Starting with an Assessment is Worth Your Time and Money

A pre-project assessment for your next tech project allows you to determine not only if you’ll get the right solution, but also the right team and partner.

7 Reasons to Validate Your Startup Idea Before You Build It

It is important to validate your startup idea before you build it. Here are seven reasons why.

Custom Software

Building the Business Case for Your Custom Application (ROI Estimation)

Custom software is a significant investment of money, time, and effort. Before you start your project, make sure you have a good business case for it.

Custom Software

Gathering (and Prioritizing) Input for Your Custom Software Project

What input should you get from your team when starting a custom software project? Learn how to prioritize input and decide on the scope of the first phase.

Mobile Apps

How an Employee App Amplifies Your Culture

An employee mobile app is a great way to organize and streamline communication in one place while embracing company culture.

Dashboards | Custom Software

How to Get Started with Construction Project Management Software

Construction management software with modules you customize with apps and integrations offer an option in between packaged and fully customized solutions.

Custom Software

Signs Your Construction Management Software is Not Working for You

To remain competitive as the construction industry increases its use of technology, you need a custom solution that’s built for the way you do business.

The Top Challenges That Make or Break Profits for Trade Contractors

In the construction industry alone, quality trade partners like mechanical, electrical and masonry contractors remain in high demand.

SPARK Culture | SPARK News

Custom App Developer Adds Digital Agency to Provide Seamless UX

SPARK Business Works, custom software developer, announced that it has acquired Elevator Up, a digital agency headquartered in Grand Rapids, MI.

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