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Custom Software

The tech landscape has changed. How to get efficient and STOP using digital duct tape.

Tech strategy in 2022 will be different. It’s not about installing software. It’s about using data to differentiate your services and thrive. See how.

Custom Software

What Businesses Should Know about Data Privacy (and How to Take Action)

Our modern economy is built on data. But are you doing enough to ensure the privacy and security of your customers' personal info. Find out now.

Mobile Apps | Custom Software

How to Use (Easy) Safety Tech to Protect Your Construction Job Sites

Do you need to level up how you handle safety on your job sites? Check out these simple and easy technology tools to revolutionize how you manage safety.

Custom Software

6 Must-Know Technology Trends Shaping 2021 and Beyond for SMBs

Is your business ready? Learn the must-know technology trends that are shaping the future for SMBs and how you can take advantage of them.

UI/UX and Web Design | Mobile Apps

Mobile App versus Mobile Website: Which One Should You Create?

Should you invest in a mobile responsive website or app? We'll explore how they're different and why you might need to invest in both.


What is a Business Dashboard? Here's What You Should Know.

Are you stuck with data overload? Learn how a business dashboard can visually display and track your most important metrics and KPIs.

Digital Products | Strategic Design | Custom Software

What is Prototyping in Software Development (and Why It's Important)

Before you starting writing code for any new software product, learn how you can use prototypes to test and validate your ideas.

Custom Software

What Is Digital Transformation?

Adopting new tech and processes can help transform your business. But what does it really mean to "digitize" your operations?

Custom Software

Building Custom Software vs Off-the-Shelf: Advantages and Disadvantages of Each Approach

Before you buy any new tech, which approach should you take? Read our in-depth guide to understand when to build custom or buy off-the-shelf software.

Custom Software

Custom Software: How to Build On Your Investment For Years to Come

Are you showing your software the love and attention it needs? Follow these two steps to make sure your software GROWS with you before you outgrow it.

Your Startup Idea: Can It Be Built (Profitably)?

Founding a startup isn’t easy. But for those who are willing to do what it takes to make their startup dream happen, the journey can be an amazing adventure. This is a tool for those startups.

How to Validate Your Startup Idea

Before building a startup technology it is important that you validate your idea first. You can reduce risk and gain insight for what to actually build.

SPARK Culture

Creating a Culture of Celebration

Having an upbeat atmosphere and an organization that celebrates each other's accomplishments is core to how SPARK operates. See how we get 'hype'!

Custom Software

Construction Estimating Software That Integrates with QuickBooks

Change the way you bid for and manage projects with construction estimating software that integrates with QuickBooks.

Mobile Apps | Custom Software

Time Tracking and How Businesses Can Best Realize the Benefits

Tracking employee time is crucial for business decision-makers. Data must be easily accessible, current, and be able to tell the “inside” story.

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