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    Suzanne Motter

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    Beginner's Guide: HIPAA Compliance and Software Development

    Do software providers and developers have to be HIPAA compliant? We explore what the latest HIPAA rules mean and how to ensure compliance for your business.

    Custom Software

    Why Does Software Have Bugs?

    All software has small glitches or bugs sometimes. Learn why it happens and what you can do to fix it, so your software continues to run smoothly.

    Custom Software

    Implementation Checklist for Launching New Custom Software

    Ready, set, launch! Use SPARK's recommended Implementation Checklist and tips to define a game plan for your new custom software rollout.

    Custom Software

    How to Seamlessly Transition Your Next Project Handoff

    Learn 3 handoff strategies to easily transition your next project and see how to leverage software for scalable project handoff strategies that work.

    SPARK Culture

    From Ordinary to HYPE!

    As SPARK grew our client base and expanded our team, it became apparent that our branding no longer fit SPARK's culture.

    Custom Software

    Understanding Agile Planning: A Snapshot of the Process

    This view into agile custom software development planning shows how SPARK proactively manages our client's budget, time, and attention.

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