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    Lesson Learned: How Stakeholder-Aligned Software Projects Can Still Fail (and How to Prevent It)

    SPARK CEO Bob Armbrister shares how a project experience went wrong and how build feedback loops can ensure stakeholder-aligned software projects.

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    Michigan Manufacturer Turns to Custom Dashboards on Shop Floor to Improve Performance

    Michigan manufacturer DeWys went through am ERP system change. When off-the-shelf software didn't meet all their needs, they turned to a custom dashboard.

    UI/UX and Web Design | Custom Software

    What Does Design Thinking Have to Do with Building Software?

    Design thinking isn’t really about design. See how this creative problem-solving framework is used to create software products that users want and love.

    Digital Products | Strategic Design | Custom Software

    What is Prototyping in Software Development (and Why It's Important)

    Before you starting writing code for a new software product, learn how to use prototypes to test, validate, and iterate on different designs and features.

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    5 Benefits of Custom Construction Management Software

    See how custom construction management software creates a “single source of truth” from your business data that allows you to save time and costs.

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    12 Construction Software Features That Your Business Needs

    The construction industry is finally embracing technology. Your success depends on choosing the construction software features that best fit your needs.

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    Comparing Off-the-Shelf Software (SaaS) vs Custom Software Pricing is Complicated. But Here's How to Do It.

    You might want to go with the lowest upfront cost. But is that the right thing to do? Learn how to compare off-the-shelf and custom software costs and make the right decision.

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    Mechanical Contractor Manages Growth using Custom Software

    When MCM doubled in size over, they began to feel the weight of their outdated, manual processes. See how they built a custom management solution.

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    The tech landscape has changed. How to get efficient and STOP using digital duct tape.

    Tech strategy in 2022 will be different. It’s not about installing software. It’s about using data to differentiate your services and thrive. See how.

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    Construction: How to Visualize Your Data Daily with Reporting and Dashboards

    Construction managers have to do a lot to oversee job sites, and usually from a distance. Learn how to stay connected and on top of jobs with dashboards.

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    Business Efficiency: Turning Manual Processes into Automated Workflows

    See how you can turn manual, chaotic process into automated, smooth workflows that increase efficiency and productivity, while growing your business.

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    Evaluating Construction Scheduling Software: Custom Versus Off-the-Shelf

    Construction scheduling software can help you put the right people, equipment, and materials at the right site at the right time. But how do you choose?

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    What Businesses Should Know about Data Privacy (and How to Take Action)

    Our modern economy is built on data. But are you doing enough to ensure the privacy and security of your customers' personal info. Find out now.

    Custom Software

    Why Your New Software Project Needs an Internal Champion

    Don't overlook the importance of the role of an internal champion guiding your team through a successful software project.

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    How to Use (Easy) Safety Tech to Protect Your Construction Job Sites

    Do you need to level up how you handle safety on your job sites? Check out these simple and easy technology tools to revolutionize how you manage safety.

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    Can It Be Built? How to Turn Your Idea into Successful Custom Software

    Got an idea for a new software? Follow our easy steps to turn your idea into successful custom software that transforms your business.

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    6 Must-Know Technology Trends Shaping 2021 and Beyond for SMBs

    Is your business ready? Learn the must-know technology trends that are shaping the future for SMBs and how you can take advantage of them.

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    How to Maximize Tax Benefits When Building Custom Software for Your Business

    The process of capitalization or expensing when developing software is a tax benefit that most businesses don’t know they have.

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    Construction Technology: How to Improve Efficiency with Field Data Collection

    Your crew and teams are ready to use mobile apps out in the field. Learn how you can digitize field data collection to transform your daily operations.

    Custom Software

    Digital Transformation: Why You Should Upgrade Your IT Infrastructure First

    Learn why and how to modernize your IT infrastructure before undergoing a digital transformation. It'll set your business up for a smoother project.

    Custom Software

    How to Plan for Digitization in a Construction Business

    Our step-by-step guide shows how construction owners can digitize their business from operations apps and management dashboards to field data collection.

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    5 Myths of Custom Software Development (And Why They're No Longer True)

    There are many misconceptions about building custom business software. Learn why they’re no longer true, and what this means for your company.

    Custom Software

    What is Construction Estimating Software (and Why You Should Use It)

    Learn how you can use construction estimating software to automatically generate bids, so you can win more jobs, stay profitable, and grow. 

    Custom Software

    What Is Digital Transformation?

    Adopting new tech and processes can help transform your business. But what does it really mean to "digitize" your operations?

    Custom Software

    How to Calculate ROI for Construction Management Software

    Before you invest in a new piece of software, use our ROI estimating tools and worksheet to calculate your return to feel confident in your decision.

    Digital Products | Custom Software

    So, you launched your MVP. Now what?

    Be sure to answer these 5 critical questions before you continue to build features and invest capital in your newly launched MVP.

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    What is the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) Phase in Software Projects?

    Learn why you shouldn't overlook the user acceptance testing phase if you want to successfully launch your custom software project.

    Custom Software

    Building Custom Software vs Off-the-Shelf: Advantages and Disadvantages of Each Approach

    Before you buy any new tech, which approach should you take? Read our in-depth guide to understand when to build custom or buy off-the-shelf software.

    Custom Software

    How to Choose the Best Project Management Software for Small Construction Businesses

    Learn how to compare different project management software solutions so you can choose and adopt the best technology for your small construction business.

    Custom Software

    Why Successful Businesses Build Custom Software Versus Off-the-Shelf

    When companies face issues and opportunities unique to their business, custom software versus off-the-shelf can be a difference maker. Learn how!

    Custom Software

    How Custom Software Works for Any Size Business (Not Just Enterprise)

    Think your business is too small or not unique enough to warrant building custom software? Learn how software projects can fit any scope or budget.

    Custom Software

    Why Does Software Have Bugs?

    All software has small glitches or bugs sometimes. Learn why it happens and what you can do to fix it, so your software continues to run smoothly.

    Digital Products | Custom Software

    Why You Should Start with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

    Learn why the user-driven process of building a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) can be key to the success of your next software development project.

    Custom Software

    Custom Software: How to Build On Your Investment For Years to Come

    Are you showing your software the love and attention it needs? Follow these two steps to make sure your software GROWS with you before you outgrow it.

    Custom Software

    Our Secret to Delivering Quality Custom Software Every Time

    Hint: our secret is simple, but not something all software companies can do effectively, consistently, and at scale.

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    Project Management Tips: How to Prepare for Your New Custom Software Project

    Learn the technical processes and parts of delivering software, empowering you to better communicate and collaborate with your tech partner.

    Custom Software

    Custom Software: Why Starting with an Assessment is Worth Your Time and Money

    A pre-project assessment for your next tech project allows you to determine not only if you’ll get the right solution, but also the right team and partner.

    Custom Software

    Implementation Checklist for Launching New Custom Software

    Ready, set, launch! Use SPARK's recommended Implementation Checklist and tips to define a game plan for your new custom software rollout.

    Custom Software

    5 (Strategic) Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Custom Software Development Company

    It's crucial to choose the RIGHT software partner to develop your custom business tool. Here are 5 strategic questions to ask during the selection process.

    Dashboards | Digital Products | Mobile Apps | Custom Software

    Why You Should Hire a Custom Software Development Company

    How do you get EXACTLY the right business tool? Here are the benefits of working with a software development company to build a custom solution.

    Custom Software

    Why Typical Construction Management Software Solutions Don’t Work

    Most software marketed for construction doesn't actually fit the day-to-day business flow from field to office. Here's what to look for instead.

    Custom Software

    Pre-Mortem for Your Custom Business Technology Project

    Introduction to pre-mortems. What they are and how to run one. A cheat sheet for what can cause a software development project to fail.

    Custom Software

    Building the Business Case for Your Custom Application (ROI Estimation)

    Custom software is a significant investment of money, time, and effort. Before you start your project, make sure you have a good business case for it.

    Custom Software

    Gathering (and Prioritizing) Input for Your Custom Software Project

    What input should you get from your team when starting a custom software project? Learn how to prioritize input and decide on the scope of the first phase.

    Digital Products | Custom Software

    Short Introduction to Custom Software (and How to Start a Project)

    Custom software can streamline business operations. You’ll learn how to plan a software project and the 3 most common goals custom software helps.

    Custom Software

    How to Seamlessly Transition Your Next Project Handoff

    Learn 3 handoff strategies to easily transition your next project and see how to leverage software for scalable project handoff strategies that work.

    Custom Software

    Understanding Agile Planning: A Snapshot of the Process

    This view into agile custom software development planning shows how SPARK proactively manages our client's budget, time, and attention.

    Custom Software

    Construction Estimating Software That Integrates with QuickBooks

    Change the way you bid for and manage projects with construction estimating software that integrates with QuickBooks.

    Dashboards | Custom Software

    How to Get Started with Construction Project Management Software

    Construction management software with modules you customize with apps and integrations offer an option in between packaged and fully customized solutions.

    Custom Software

    Signs Your Construction Management Software is Not Working for You

    To remain competitive as the construction industry increases its use of technology, you need a custom solution that’s built for the way you do business.

    Mobile Apps | Custom Software

    Time Tracking and How Businesses Can Best Realize the Benefits

    Tracking employee time is crucial for business decision-makers. Data must be easily accessible, current, and be able to tell the “inside” story.

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