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    Strategic Design | UI/UX and Web Design

    The Power of Google (And Its Impact on Your Website)

    Google has the power to impact your brand's online presence, as well as your bottom line. Here's what you need to know.

    Digital Products | Strategic Design | Custom Software

    What is Prototyping in Software Development (and Why It's Important)

    Before you starting writing code for a new software product, learn how to use prototypes to test, validate, and iterate on different designs and features.

    Strategic Design | UI/UX and Web Design

    UX versus UI Design: Why It Matters for Your Software Product

    UI and UX design is often thought of as just making a product visually “look good.” Learn why it's more than that and impacts the success of your product.

    Strategic Design | UI/UX and Web Design

    Think Like a UX Designer: Use Hick’s Law to Improve Your User Experience

    Are you frustrating your users by giving them too many choices on your website or app? Learn how to apply Hick's Law to improve your user experience.

    Strategic Design | UI/UX and Web Design

    How Businesses Can Prepare for Their New Website Project

    Your new website can be a valuable business asset. The preparation you put into your new website project is a good time investment. Here's what to start with.

    Strategic Design | UI/UX and Web Design

    How Design Thinking Can Make Your Next Website More Effective

    Your website is not separate from the rest of your business. By embracing Design Thinking for your website project, you can delight your visitors and grow your business.

    Strategic Design | UI/UX and Web Design

    How to Create Your Own Custom Color Picker Wheel

    How SPARK designed and built a custom tool for a retail touchscreen display fixture. Learn how the team created a color selector that "just works!"

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