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    Food Manufacturer

    Butterball Farms

    When Butterball Farms launched a new gourmet product, it needed to stand out. SPARK’s design team built an eCommerce website to spotlight the company’s breakout star of their new bread and butter show—Creekside Butter Premium Balls.

    Proud SPARK Client | Butterball Farms

    SPARK Elevates Product Launch for National Food Manufacturer

    Project Breakdown

    SPARK Custom Web and Mobile App Development
    Project Size


    Custom Website

    SPARK Custom Software Development Services

    3 Months

    SPARK Software Development and Design Experts
    Size of Team

    1 PM, 1 UX Designer

    SPARK Digital Transformation ROI

    Increased Monthly

    Product Orders

    The Challenge

    Market research unveiled that Butterball Farms needed to differentiate the new gourmet sweet creamery butter from their other brands. A cost-effective website needed to be in line with the company’s culture, brand-worthy, and include an e-commerce direct-to-public purchase portal.

    Proud SPARK Client | Butterball Farms

    The Solution

    SPARK led the research-driven kickoff meeting with Butterball leaders. A visual map study workshop further defined the client’s vision, preferences, design look, feel, and layout. SPARK’s team quickly completed two design mockups/wireframes for input and approval. A winning design was selected and SPARK completed the new site with implemented page design, platform, MailChimp and HubSpot integration, and more. A soft launch was completed with final quality assurance and testing.

    Services provided

    • Assessment
    • SPARK Websites

    Technology used

    • Wordpress
    • WooCommerce
    Proud SPARK Client | Butterball Farms

    “Our team trusted SPARK to help us with this exciting venture and launch. The new site positively reflects on our corporate culture and home website. SPARK designed Creekside™ Butter Premium Balls' website to deliver a fresh and dynamic user experience--one that would whet the appetite for these unique creamery butter balls because they're in a market by themselves! Our client experience couldn’t have been better! Sales are climbing and we are excited to work with SPARK again soon!”

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