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    Custom Manufacturing Software

    DeWys Manufacturing

    With a mission of “leveraging technology, talent, and innovation to deliver quality outcomes for our customers every day,” DeWys Manufacturing has the lean mindset ingrained in their culture. 

    And as a new way to innovate, DeWys partnered with SPARK to build a custom dashboard to display labor performance metrics right on the shop floor. With data at their fingertips, their operators can take initiative when planning production and improve their performance.

    DeWys Manufacutring - Custom Dashboard by SPARK

    Custom Dashboard on Manufacturing Shop Floor Ups Productivity

    Project Breakdown

    SPARK Custom Web and Mobile App Development
    Project Size


    Custom Dashboard

    SPARK Custom Software Development Services

    6 Months

    Assessment and Dedicated Development Team

    SPARK Software Development and Design Experts
    Size of Team

    1 PM

    1 Developer

    SPARK Digital Transformation ROI

    Replaced paper travelers

    with real-time dashboards

    The Challenge

    DeWys recently went through an ERP change from Profit Key International to Global Shop. This major system change was a catalyst for digitizing one of their manual processes. At the time, DeWys relied on paper travelers– packets of instructions for each stage of manufacturing–  that were being moved throughout the shop floor with the parts.

    A collaborative Assessment process with the SPARK team led to DeWys replacing the paper travelers by pulling data from their ERP into an interactive labor performance dashboard that would display key metrics in real time on the shop floor.

    DeWys Manufacturing - Example

    The Solution

    With SPARK’s user-centered approach to technology design, DeWys was able to design the labor performance dashboard based on input from the shop floor operators.

    Displayed on 20 TVs around the shop, all 160+ workers can now see the status of different jobs and where they are in the manufacturing process. Operators are now proactive when planning work for the day, instead of waiting for the information. 

    As a dedicated software development partner, SPARK continues to work with DeWys to enhance the dashboard as well as future custom software projects.

    Services provided

    • Assessment
    • Custom Software
    • ERP Integration
    • Dashboards

    Technology used

    • Microsoft Power BI
    DeWys Manufacturing - Custom Dashboard on Shop Floor

    "Everything on the dashboard was put there because we went out on the shop floor and asked them what they wanted to see.

    Now, our workers no longer wait for someone to tell them what to do. The dashboard gives them the ability to be proactive and take initiative when planning production."

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