Esper Electric

A Full Service Electrical Construction Company

Since its founding in 1984, Esper Electric has matured into a full service electrical construction company with experience in commercial, residential and industrial electrical construction projects. With a family approach to business, Esper’s employees are focused on client satisfaction as they implement the latest electrical technologies, equipment, service and design.

The Challenge

The need to significantly reduce administrative time entry hours, streamline business practices and continue positive employee engagement efforts.

The Solution

Design a new technology solution to administer and track proficiencies in the areas of performance and development, technical certifications/qualifications, and accrual balances. The new program also needed to communicate company news and strategies, push notifications, employee reminders and compliance/safety updates. With all employees having mobile access to the application, Esper has now streamlined time entry and additional business processes with ease.

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Want to discuss your company’s project?

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“I was sick of paying an annual subscription fee for an off the shelf program that almost works. I wanted to build something that works exactly the way we want it to for the way we work. SPARK created a custom solution that worked exactly the way we needed it to in a cost-effective way.”

President at Esper Electric