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    Digital eCommerce


    A venture-backed startup called on SPARK to build a domain registrar platform from the ground up, including a new brand identity and site design. To compete in a global industry, they wanted a fresh and easy user experience that allowed people to search, purchase, and manage domains in a single location. The platform had to be simple enough for anyone to use, even if they weren't tech-savvy.

    OrbitFour | Proud SPARK Client

    How SPARK Designed an MVP that Took a Platform to Market

    Project Breakdown

    SPARK Custom Web and Mobile App Development
    Project Size

    Custom Website

    SPARK Custom Software Development Services

    12 Month MVP

    Ongoing Partnership

    SPARK Software Development and Design Experts
    Size of Team

    1 PM, 1 UX Designer

    3 Developers

    1 Systems Analyst

    SPARK Digital Transformation ROI

    Platform MVP Launch

    User Acquisition

    Revenue Generation

    The Challenge

    While OrbitFour wanted to enter the Domain industry, they didn't have any prior experience to rely on. So, they leaned on a Dedicated SPARK Team to determine both technology and design requirements for the project, while making sure to meet the needs of future users.

    SPARK began with a deep-dive into user personas and competitor research. This initial Assessment, Design, and Architecture effort led to a customer journey map and insights into what to build and how.


    The Solution

    The project culminated in a fresh and multi-faceted online platform launched for the company with custom capabilities built for future growth:

    • – Easy eCommerce experience enabling users to search for and buy domains.
    • – Admin portal for managing users and purchases.
    • – Back-end API making the whole experience run smoothly.

    After their initial MVP was designed and built, OrbitFour began planning with their SPARK Team for how to capture additional value in the market by expanding to more products. 

    Services provided

    • Strategic UX/UI Design
    • Custom Web Development
    • Branding & Product Design
    • Digital Assets

    Technology used

    • Custom Design System
    • Craft CMS
    • eCommerce
    • Stripe Integration
    OrbitFour | Proud SPARK Client

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