RSA Group

Technology Services Company

RSA Group chose SPARK to design and develop educational technology apps for use in elementary schools. The apps have since been downloaded globally more than 2.5 Million times.

The Challenge

As K-12 schools shifted to digital instruction for literacy, RSA Group's client seized the opportunity to fill a gap in the market with a writing product. SPARK needed to build a Minimally Viable Product that could easily be deployed worldwide in the App Store using both a Free version and a Paid version.

Educational iPad app built by SPARK

The Solution

After a cash-flow positive return after only 6 weeks, a full 1.0 version based on user feedback was launched. In addition to product development, SPARK led UX, business roadmap, and marketing for RSA Group over the course of the product maturation (currently version 4.1).

The app has been used in classrooms around the world to engage elementary students in digital writing.

Educational iPad app built by SPARK

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How did SPARK improve your business?

SPARK designed an app easy enough to use by 5 year olds and powerful enough to transform how teachers taught writing using iPads. By using gated content and user limits, we converted a high percentage to our Paid version and generated revenue early on so that we could continue to build more features.

By leveraging SPARK's product and marketing strategy, the apps caught fire without having to pay for any advertising. 

Marketing Manager