Sturgis Molded Products

Plastic Injection Molding and Manufacturing

SMP provides innovative and cost-effective plastic solutions for multiple applications/industries. A custom IoT solution developed by SPARK saves machine downtime and gives insight into metrics.

The Challenge

SMP was losing valuable time when machines sent out warning alerts. They needed to create a custom, efficient alert program. Off-the-shelf options were too expensive, and the ‘old school’ wired programs available were inconsistent with SMP's business model.

Plant leaders also needed a more visible dashboard to show and tell management the ‘real’ business picture.

SPARK Proud Client | Sturgis Molded Products

The Solution

SMP machine operators value the new game-changing alert system, named “SiMP”. Armed with the new technology, manufacturing leadership can immediately attend to the critical alert response now within minutes or even seconds. Operators and managers save time and resources while limiting scrap and machine downtime.

SPARK | Sturgis Molded Products

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How did SPARK improve your business?

As industry leaders, we believe in investing in the best technological options available to better serve our customers.  SPARK’s efforts definitely make our operators and manager’s lives more enjoyable while saving precious time! Plus, the new dashboard gives us a bright snapshot view of our metrics. We’re in the process of expanding these capabilities and look forward to our next phase with SPARK.

Plant Manager at Sturgis Molded Products