Write About

Education Technology Startup

Write About is a writing platform created by educators to improve literacy outcomes for K-12 schools by helping students to write more and grow as writers.

The Challenge

Create a web based SaaS platform that could be used in thousands of classrooms simultaneously, meeting the needs of the students, teachers, and school administrators. Build a back-end infrastructure that could scale quickly and affordably, supported by a front-end experience used easily across a wide range of devices and use cases.

The Solution

Launched WriteAbout.com as a minimally-viable product, gaining traction, user feedback and revenue immediately. Scaled to 200,000+ users and selected as the “#1 Edtech Tool to Try” over products from Google and Amazon.

  • Automated Onboarding, Knowledgebase, Community, and Support
  • Custom user rostering, self-enrollment, and Google SSO
  • User-generated curriculum content and social features generate organic growth
  • Granular filtering and privacy permissions at the individual user level managed by teachers or school admin

Tech Stack / Performance:

  • Elastic Beanstalk – is used to dynamically scale the EC2 environments during high traffic times.
  • The app server averages a 400ms response time with end user speeds under 3 seconds.
  • User publishing of 1M+ posts including multimedia integrations using S3 & Cloudfront – 1TB of images and audio files (35.1M)
  • RDS – an Amazon Aurora MySQL instance is used to provide a distributed and fault-tolerant database instance with continuous backup.

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