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    Just Right

    Tools that fit your business (not the other way around).

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    Start your everyday revolution.

    Launch easy-to-use, secure, and scalable custom software built by SPARK to meet your business goals.


    Create the easy-button for your customers or employees! We design and build intuitive apps that people actually use.  SPARK knows mobile and can make it happen.


    See your business in one click with data that tells the real story. Get alerted to exceptions and quickly take action. SPARK connects your data and helps you change behaviors. 

    Workflow Tools

    Power your team with tailored automation that solves your unique process problems. SPARK helps you streamline operations and bring people together where it matters.

    SPARK Business Works | Custom Software2-1

    Thrive at the intersection of innovative and practical.

    Product Kickoff

    Define business problems and see your options

    Collect stakeholder input and generate buy-in

    Develop clear and achievable milestones

    Identify the commitment needed to launch and sustain


    SPARK will hand you a roadmap that makes abstract ideas concrete and helps you understand fully.

    Product Foundation

    Prioritize features based on business impact

    Architect scalable platform and technical components

    Design systematic integrations and security 

    Customize solution blueprints to your exact spec


    ➞ SPARK's strategic and technical experts help you develop a strong foundation and de-risk the project.

    Product Design

    Plan intentional user flows and sitemaps

    Define content strategy and creative direction

    Craft intuitive visual design 

    Iterate quickly with interactive prototypes


    ➞ SPARK's team turns your vision into an elegantly simple solution that unlocks the power of thoughtful design

    Product Development

    Design and build a durable and flexible database 

    Code-Test-Deploy front and back-end programming

    Customize automation, alerting, and analytics. 

    Manage lifecycle with continual maintenance, monitoring, and support


    ➞ SPARK makes your plan happen with high technical standards engineered with people in mind. 

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    We deliver at your perfect pace.

    Small Project


    • Web Only
    • 1-2 Team Members
    • 2-4 Months
    Medium Project


    • + Mobile
    • 2-3 Team Members
    • 4-8 Months
    Large Project


    • ++ Custom Integration
    • 3-4 Team Members
    • 8-12 Months
    Dedicated Project


    • +++ Complexity
    • Agile Team Subscription
    • Higher Velocity

    Your Team

    Focused – Transparent – Collaborative fun to work with!

    We match your project with exactly the experts needed to launch on time and on budget.

    Strategic Director
    Strategic Director
    Product Manager
    Product Manager
    UX/UI Designers
    UI/UX Designers
    Front End Developers
    Front End Developers
    Back End Developers
    Back End Developers
    Systems Analysts
    Systems Analysts

    Our clients do amazing things.

    As a market leader, hired the SPARK team to create a completely new mobile-friendly user experience that future-proofed their product's unique value. SPARK also developed new security and messaging tools along with launching a redesigned product admin portal.

    Write About

    A startup wanted to disrupt K-12 classroom literacy with a SaaS platform. In addition to designing a seamless front-end experience, SPARK built an infrastructure that scaled to 200,000+ users and helped Write About be selected as the “#1 Edtech Tool to Try” over products from Google and Amazon.

    Fulton & Sons

    Fulton used to track over 1,000 pieces of paper per week, had limited insight into equipment maintenance, and manually generated weekly client updates. Now, their mobile employee app automates back-end systems, generates weekly updates, and makes job site management visible.


    When business partners saw an opportunity for a digital disruption in their industry (funeral and cremation service), they partnered with SPARK to launch a mobile consumer community and custom e-commerce platform that achieved a return on investment in just a few short months.

    Andy J. Egan

    The Andy J. Egan Company, a growing mechanical contractor, needed to manage job assignments for a workforce of over 300. SPARK helped them launch an automated scheduling workflow with mobile-friendly time entry and compliance checks.

    Esper Electric

    When Esper needed to significantly reduce administrative overhead and increase employee engagement, they turned to SPARK to launch a custom management system and employee app with streamlined time entry, performance tracking, and automated business processes.


    To reach more customers, CodeGuard needed to create a better registration process and overhaul an internal dashboard. SPARK also created updated brand standard guides for the CodeGuard to showcase their bold identity.

    Your solution starts with a conversation.

    Discuss my idea

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    From discovery to delivery, the SPARK team was consistent in communication, diligent in updates, sought to understand our needs and avoid mission creep, and kept us on time and on budget.

    Jennifer Harrison, PhD, LMSW, Western Michigan University

    The SPARK Team always goes above and BEYOND!! Highly recommended for Software Expertise and Strategy.

    Scott Pierce, Senior IT Consultant, C3 Technology Advisors

    SPARK is a group of highly knowledgeable professionals seeking to help businesses become more efficient. They take the time to fully understand issues and workflow deficiencies to ensure the solution they present is tailored to your business and effective at solving the tech shortcomings you are experiencing. 

    John Bradford, Field Manager, Autodesk Construction Cloud

    SPARK has time and again demonstrated the unique ability to internalize the value of our product lines, understand our customer’s needs and combine those two into a spectacular experience. Working with SPARK is seamless — it’s like they’re a dedicated part of our internal team.

    Jonathan Manuzak, Chief Architect, Web Security Products, CodeGuard