SPARK Business Works + GRIT Technologies

Your Roadmap for How Work Gets Done (with Tech) in 2021

Watch the replay of our presentation and learn how to level up your IT and Software strategy.

6:50 – How the tech/IT landscape is changing


8:05 – The cultural shift to remote work


11:25 – Examples of hybrid business models for remote work


14:50 – Why more SMB businesses are moving to cloud-based IT infrastructure 


17:50 –Challenges preventing efficient and secure remote work 


24:00 –  How to build a solid IT infrastructure 


26:20 – Benefits of using an IT Managed Services Provider (MSP)


30:35 – Building custom digital tools and processes on top of solid IT foundation 


32:30 – Challenges of your current inefficient and manual processes


39:25 – How to “think like a software company” 


48:40 – How to build custom software for your employee and customer experiences  


52:50 – Risks to avoid when embedding software into your business 


54:10 – Live questions from the audience


Your business is one of a kind, and you need technology tools that fit your workflows (not the other way around). SPARK Business Works builds custom software for clients to streamline processes, automate tasks, and deliver data to decision-makers. Level up to “the better way”!

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Our scalable platform increases the capacity of existing staff and facilitates new locations coming online with just a few clicks. It's highly customized to the way we do business and allows us to better serve our customers in a difficult time.

SPARK is our partner of choice because of great service coupled with very competent people. We're very pleased.

Tom Rood, Chief Operating Officer at Faithful Companion 

Tom Rood