Midwest Build Week Online 2021

Embedding Technology Into Your Business for Efficiency and Growth

Watch the replay of our Midwest Build presentation and learn how to adopt tech that's as dynamic as your teams and projects.

1:43 – Introduction of panelists


7:50– What’s blocking you from growth? What challenges do you face? 


11:50 – Real-world examples of fast, simple, and easy tech solutions that work


14:00 – What does it mean to “think like a software company?” 


18:35 – Q & A with panelists: Share their own examples of leveling up with digital tools


31:00 – Live audience questions


45:20 – Q & A with panelists: Share their experiences choosing and implementing technology


1:01:20 – Open panelist discussion: Overcoming risks of technology projects

1:20:05 –Live audience questions


Your construction business is one of a kind, and you need technology tools that fit your workflows (not the other way around). SPARK Business Works builds custom software for clients to streamline processes, automate tasks, and deliver data to decision-makers. Level up to “the better way”!

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I was sick of paying an annual subscription fee for an off the shelf program that almost works. I wanted to build something that works exactly the way we want it to for the way we work. SPARK created a custom solution that worked exactly the way we needed it to in a cost-effective way.

Scott Pennell, President at Esper Electric