Ignite Executive Forum

Top Challenges that can Make or Break Profits for Trade Contractors

Digital tools are reshaping construction both in the field and in the office! Watch this webinar to learn about industry best practices that can make-or-break profits!

1:35 – Introduction of presenter


3:00– Industry trends happening right now


5:08 – Why time entry and scheduling is hard 


8:28 – How safety and compliance has changed


9:35 – James E. Fulton Case Study: Time Entry


12:14 – Andy J. Egan Case Study: Scheduling


15:25 – CSM Group Case Stud: Engaging Employees


18:50 – How to get started with tech with your organization 

20:20 –Live audience questions

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Your construction business is one of a kind, and you need technology tools that fit your workflows (not the other way around). SPARK Business Works builds custom software for clients to streamline processes, automate tasks, and deliver data to decision-makers. Level up to “the better way”!

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I was sick of paying an annual subscription fee for an off the shelf program that almost works. I wanted to build something that works exactly the way we want it to for the way we work. SPARK created a custom solution that worked exactly the way we needed it to in a cost-effective way.

Scott Pennell, President at Esper Electric

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