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    Brad Wilson

    As the Vice President of SPARK, Brad brings over a decade of technology leadership. He's built web platforms and apps used by millions across a variety of industries.
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    SPARK Business Works Completes Acquisition of Digital Marketing Firm Convergent1

    Kalamazoo, MI – SPARK Business Works has acquired Convergent1, a Houston, TX based marketing agency that specializes in providing

    Mechanical Contractor Manages Growth using Custom Software

    MCM doubled in size over the past few years. But, they began to feel the weight of their outdated, manual processes. Growing

    SPARK Named to Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing Companies List

    Kalamazoo, MI – SPARK Business Works announced today that the company has been selected for the 2021 Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing

    Business Efficiency: Turning Manual Processes into Automated Workflows

    You know that your operations could be a lot better. For once, you’d like to make it home on time for dinner instead of trying to

    Evaluating Construction Scheduling Software: Custom Versus Off-the-Shelf

    Scheduling is a critical function for any construction company. You can only be as efficient as the use of your employees

    Why You Should Build a Mobile App to Grow Your Business

    Almost 80% of Americans now have smartphones. The average person spends 5.4 hours every day on their phone.  It’s no surprise

    Why Your New Software Project Needs an Internal Champion

    There’s a key ingredient to successful software projects that a lot of business leaders don’t think about it. And without it,

    Can It Be Built? How to Turn Your Idea into Successful Custom Software

    Many businesses have messy operations. You might rely on a hodgepodge of disconnected systems and processes. A collection of

    Construction Technology: How to Improve Efficiency with Field Data Collection

    The construction industry is finally starting to change. After the impact of COVID-19, more leaders are recognizing and taking

    Digital Transformation: Why You Should Upgrade Your IT Infrastructure First

    Companies are embracing technology to better serve their customers and drive growth. They’re transforming their operations for

    SPARK Business Works Named to Michigan 50 Companies to Watch List

    Kalamazoo, MI – SPARK Business Works is being celebrated as one of the 2021 awardees for the Michigan 50 Companies to Watch

    5 Myths of Custom Software Development (And Why They're No Longer True)

    Wouldn’t it be great to have technology that fits your business exactly as you need it to? Of course. That’s what custom software

    What is Construction Estimating Software (and Why You Should Use It)

    Project estimating is tricky for contractors. Estimate too high and your bid won’t win, but go too low and you could jeopardize

    How to Calculate ROI for Construction Management Software

    There’s been more pressure than ever for construction leaders to embrace technology and innovation– amid labor shortages,

    So, you launched your MVP. Now what?

    So, you’ve finally launched your MVP. Congrats! That’s an important milestone and one you should definitely celebrate.  And now

    8 Must-Know Construction Technology Trends to Prepare For

    The construction industry is large; it’s predicted to account for nearly $13 trillion of the global economy by 2022. It also

    Benefits of Construction Mobile Apps for Your Crews and Projects (and Real Examples)

    A lot of construction leaders still struggle using field data needed to operate their business. They’re relying on paper forms,

    How to Choose the Best Project Management Software for Small Construction Businesses

    The construction industry has lagged behind other industries when it comes to the adoption of new technology– until recently. The

    700+ Job Sites Adopt Mobile Health Screening Tool Built by SPARK

    Kalamazoo, MI – SPARK Business Works announced today the company’s mobile health screening tool has been implemented at 700

    Why You Should Start with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

    It used to be that investing in the development of custom software was fairly risky. Why?  Because companies would build and

    How the Right Dashboard Can Help Improve Your KPIs

    What gets measured gets improved. Most leaders turn to Key Performance Indicators (or KPIs) to keep a pulse on how their business

    5 (Strategic) Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Custom Software Development Company

    It’s frustrating to go through a failed technology project. It’s a waste of money, time, and energy that your company can’t

    Why You Should Hire a Custom Software Development Company

    Across all industries, leaders are leveraging digital tools to differentiate and grow. If you find yourself at the intersection

    Pre-Mortem for Your Custom Business Technology Project

    When starting a technology project, no one plans to fail. But the sad truth is that many technology projects do fail. And the

    Short Introduction to Custom Software (and How to Start a Project)

    Just revolutionary enough…to make a huge difference. Organizations and industries everywhere are talking about the “digital

    SMART Scheduling in Construction is a Game Changer

    Manual scheduling methods plague trade contractors, but more companies than ever are investing in SMART scheduling solutions.

    The 3 Ways Custom Dashboards Accelerate Business Growth

    Businesses frequently need to optimize operations, and that means finding ways technology can enhance your data and your