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    Your business is one of a kind.

    Put down the make-dos and pick up the pace, with software designed for the way you work and the way the modern world does business. 

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    Just Right for the Way You Work

    Mobile App

    Manufacturing Floor

    Don't let inefficient tech stop you from growing. Simple and easy tools can power a faster, easier process.


    Shift / Line Supervisors

    Help your managers understand where they need to focus by using one-click data to tell a story.



    Fill the gaps in your current systems and stop waiting until the end of the month to learn how things are going.

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    Streamline your unique day-to-day.

    Getting the Work

    • Marketing
    • CRM
    • Estimates
    • Work Orders
    • Customer Updates

    Executing the Work

    • Scheduling
    • Time Entry
    • Material Tracking
    • Shop Data Collection
    • WIP Tracking

    Managing the Business

    • Daily Reports
    • Job Costing
    • Resource Planning
    • Reporting
    • Forecasting

    Optimizing the Team

    • Goals / Scorecards
    • Safety
    • Exception Reporting
    • Compliance
    • Utilization

    Want to discuss your company’s project?

    SPARK is ready to create your custom solution.

    Discuss my idea

    Want to discuss your company’s project?

    Discuss my idea

    Your business is unique, but off-the-shelf software is made for the masses.

    Don't settle for off-the-shelf solutions that don't fit the bill. SPARK can help you catch up – so you can pull ahead.


    Plastic Injection Molding


    Furniture Manufacturers


    Food & Beverage




    Consumer Products


    Retail Fixtures

    SPARK can help you streamline, grow, and succeed.

    Manufacturing Apps

    SPARK builds custom apps that work with your existing ERP system.  Our clients use these tools on the shop floor to handle the needs their current ERP system falls short on.

    Manufacturing Dashboards

    Most manufacturing companies are buried in data, but they can't use it to make decisions.  Leverage a custom dashboard to understand how your business is performing on a daily basis. 

    Workflow Tools

    SPARK builds custom manufacturing workflow automation and production management software to help your team execute each day using the same processes they need to be successful.

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