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    Building Custom Dashboards & Report

    Follow this step-by-guide on how to design and build custom dashboards and reports that display your metrics.

    ROI Estimate Worksheet

    Is a new software project worth your team's time and investment? Use our interactive tool to calculate your ROI!

    Custom Software Planning Survey

    Use this simple survey to gather input from your stakeholders about how custom software can grow your business.

    Construction Digitzation Checklist

    Follow this easy checklist to prepare for and implement new digital tools for your teams and projects.

    Custom Software Implementation Checklist

    Before you dive into rolling out your new software to your team, define your game plan and stick to it!

    How to Adopt Practical Tech in Construction

    Watch SPARK's fun, fast-paced online session on how to adopt new construction technology and get efficient!

    Benefits of Custom Construction Management Software

    In this guide, see how to increase operational efficiency and ditch the clunky workarounds with the right job management system.

    How to Build Custom Reports for Construction

    Follow these 5 steps to build your own custom reports and dashboards for your construction firm. Take control of your data!

    How to Build Custom Software

    This comprehensive guide tells you everything you need to know about building custom software.
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    Digital Time and Field Data Collection

    Learn how simple time and data tracking apps provide benefits across a construction organization— and to your bottom line.

    Construction ROI Worksheet

    Is a custom software project worth it for your crews and projects? Use our interactive tool to calculate your ROI!

    Preparation Checklist for New Website

    Follow this easy checklist to launch a professional and user-friendly website.

    Construction Safety Roundtable

    We share real world examples of how to implement easy and simple digital tools to better monitor and protect your job sites.

    How Work Gets Done (with Tech)

    Learn how to reimagine your business and operations with (practical) tech.

    Tracking Remote Teams

    Watch the replay of our 30-min discussion and learn how to track the right data in remote teams.

    Embedding Tech into Your Construction Business

    Watch our live panel discuss how they implemented digital tools for the crews and projects.

    Taking the Fear Out of Building In-House Software

    Watch SPARK and Andy Egan show you how to build your own in-house construction software.

    Wireframe Templates

    Use these wireframe templates to sketch out your software ideas before writing any code.

    Is Your Website Built to Compete?

    Watch SPARK walk you through Websites 101 and what it takes to stand out online today.

    Should We Build Custom Software?

    Take this interactive quiz to to find out if custom software is right for your business.
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    SMART Scheduling and Dashboards

    Learn how savvy construction leaders are reducing costs by automating scheduling and forecasting.

    Top Construction Tech Challenges Webinar

    Digital tools are reshaping construction. See how to start with simple tools that solve everyday inefficiencies. 

    Introduction to the Design Process

    See examples of how to turn up the volume on your digital presence with strategic design that's just right. 

    The ROI of an Employee App

    See how a corporate app magnifies your culture and drives buy-in from your employees.

    Discover your roadmap to success at the intersection of innovative and functional!

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