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Our area of expertise includes custom solutions built for:

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How we do it

Every project needs a beginning, and at SPARK your journey begins when we understand your challenges and unique needs. Our target audience includes any business that wants to scale growth in a systematic way. We serve companies and organizations that want to maximize gains from the use of technology by improving workflow, process, and management in a way that allows for informed, systematic decisions based on data.

Visioning Process

Step 1: Learn

Our team will learn from your team during a series of  discovery meetings to determine your current challenges. Once we clearly define your vision for success, you’ll receive a ballpark estimate, and for a small commitment, will move on to ‘wireframing.’ Wireframes (blueprints) will be presented to you in a clickable PDF file so that you can experience your new solution. We want your toughest critics in the room while we walk through any edits or clarification.

Toward the end of the visioning process, you’ll navigate the fully-designed renderings of your final solution. A detailed project proposal will be presented, broken down by modules in an a la carte format so you can decide “what’s next.” A ‘not to exceed’ estimate will be included.

Designing Process

Step 2: Design

We take your team’s input and move into creating and designing your new solution. During this phase, we’ll continue to collaborate on every aspect of your project. This ensures that your expectations are met and our solution works for you. Here’s where our team turns your vision into an elegantly simple, visually pleasing, fully functional and productive solution.

By keeping the scope small, we’ll build from the ground up on a solid foundation, avoiding costly, time-consuming, and frustrating do-overs.

Building Process

Step 3: Build

Seeing your project come to life is fun, and that’s why we update your system each day so you can see – in real time – the work we’ve done. Our process is transparent and all along your journey, we’ll communicate with you regularly. In addition to scheduled meetings, each week you’ll be sent a weekly progress report detailing and explaining progress. There will be no surprises. Multiple iterations will ensure that your new product is ‘just right!’

Engaging Process

Step 4: Engage

As we prepare to go live, training will be scheduled. SPARK will provide training materials and will train your team with step-by-step instructions on how to implement and use your new solution. Along the process, we’ve worked with your IT team on a seamless integration. Don’t have an IT team? No worries, SPARK can help.

For the next 30 days of initial utilization, slight bugs may and probably will surface. No worries, we will promptly resolve any initial or recurring issues at no charge.

What's next?

Our clients are so delighted with their new solution, they’re thinking about all the other areas to improve in their business. If that’s so, we’ll continue to Phase Two.

Our team

SPARK’s team of multi-disciplined professionals comprehensively assess and guide organizations of any size through technology and software improvement. We create long-standing relationships, and often sit in on client team meetings, as we provide proactive communication, weekly updates and exceptional talent and service.

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