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SPARK builds software and digital marketing solutions that fit perfectly at the intersection of innovative and functional — just revolutionary enough to make a real difference for mid-sized and growing businesses.

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Catch up, pull ahead

Leverage the SPARK process to solve your problem. We've launched hundreds of solutions used by millions of people across dozens of industries.

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Make a lasting difference

Grow strategically with SPARK's full suite of services that build your digital foundation and scale your impact in a systematic way.

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Get the right team


Creative SPARK designers ask the right questions and give you options to find the pixel-perfect fit.

Business savvy

Experienced SPARK product managers help you measure your return on investment and guide the lifecycle for all stakeholders.

Technically skilled

Code-friendly SPARK developers and analysts help you leverage a powerful process that achieves quality, speed, security, and scalability.

Focused & transparent

Your SPARK team will frequently communicate progress toward milestones and watch your budget as closely as you would. 

We keep everyone on the same page while your project comes to life so there are no surprises.

Collaborative & fun

Your SPARK team will understand your vision and manage the daily details so you can focus on your business.

We are driven to listen and engage fully to ensure the results (and the experience) leave everyone happy.