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    Trade Contractor

    DHE Plumbing & Mechanical

    Regional construction leader DHE Plumbling and Mechanical has always brought innovative services to the market. But their software was not modern or efficient. To continue to serve their customers, they turned to a SPARK custom software team to upgrade their operations and remain competitive.

    DHE | Proud SPARK Client

    SPARK helps Contractor Improve Productivity with Custom Labor Dashboard

    Project Breakdown

    SPARK Custom Web and Mobile App Development
    Project Size

    Small / Complex

    Custom Software

    SPARK Custom Software Development Services

    6 Months

    SPARK Software Development and Design Experts
    Size of Team

    1 PM, 1 UX Designer,

    2 Developers, 1 Analyst

    SPARK Digital Transformation ROI

    Efficient resource allocation

    with forecasting 

    The Challenge

    With dozens of crews out each day, DHE’s leadership knew they need to embrace a digital transformation to stay competitive in their mechanical and plumbing services, but they didn't know where or how to begin.

    A SPARK Assessment helped define their immediate need to capture real-time job progress and gain insight into scheduling and forecasting.  A technical plan to eliminate duplicate data entry for their existing systems was also delivered.

    SPARK Proud Client | DHE Plumbing

    The Solution

    To help DHE's leaders visualize their streamlined forecasting dashboard, the SPARK design team created a prototype. After feedback was captured from all stakeholders, architecture and development began. Proactive Weekly development check-ins kept the owners engaged while delivering on requirements.

    DHE now leverages the drag-and-drop program to assign employees to their job sites. The tool is powered by a custom forecasting algorithm.  Real-time employee capacity, assigned work, potential, and labor deficiencies are all simply displayed. 

    Services provided

    • Assessment
    • Strategic Design
    • Custom Software Development

    Technology used

    • PHP
    • JQuery
    • MySQL
    • Laravel
    • AWS
    SPARK Proud Client | DHE Plumbing

    “In order to meet our organizational goals and remain competitive, our team realized there had to be a better way to centralize and improve communication between our PMs, Estimators, and Field Employees.

    Since launching our new SPARK technology solution, we have eliminated the “unknowns” and are productively managing more work and employees. Our active and potential jobs and capacities are centralized and are now driven by data as opposed to guesses. We highly recommend SPARK Business Works."

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