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DHE wanted to update their technology, but didn't know where and how to begin. A drag-and-drop program to assign employees and automate forecasting seemed too good to be true. But following the SPARK process, their custom system has removed all the guesswork!

The Challenge

DHE’s leadership contacted SPARK with a desire to embrace technology but didn’t know where/how to begin. Challenges for the contractor included capturing ‘real-time’ progress and gaining improved insight into job site management, scheduling, and forecasting on numerous projects throughout the city, county and state.

DHE Jobs Detail on iMac

The Solution

SPARK worked closely with DHE's team to define first phase goals, locate opportunities for streamlined processes, and eliminate pain points. Wireframes and design prototype iterations were presented, tweaked, and drove the three month development phase. Proactive weekly client check-ins and engagement kept the owners highly involved and the project's trajectory positive, client-specific, and on budget.

With SPARK’s help, DHE now uses a card view drag-and-drop program to assign employees to their job sites. In addition, a forecasting algorithm--custom-designed to include calendar dates, holidays, PTO, and weekends--now directs and informs on the employee capacity, assigned work, potential, and labor deficiencies.

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How did SPARK improve your business?

“In order to meet our organizational goals and remain competitive, our team realized there had to be a better way to centralize and improve communication between our PMs, Estimators, and Field Employees. Since launching our new SPARK technology solution, we have eliminated the “unknowns” and are productively managing more work and employees. Our active and potential jobs and capacities are centralized and are now driven by data as opposed to guesses. We highly recommend SPARK Business Works."

Owner/Head Estimator