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As a startup ready to bring their leadership courses to the eLearning market, Momentum needed to launch the right technology necessary to scale.

Momentum enlisted SPARK to create a custom Learning Management System and eCommerce experience for their clients.

The Challenge

Developing online leadership training courses to be sold at scale requires expertise in Design, Content, User Experience, and LMS Software.

Momentum needed SPARK to help them to determine the best solution for their current state and future environment. Next, SPARK needed to collaborate with Momentum's internal team and an outside content agency to execute and launch the platform.

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The Solution

SPARK developed a user-friendly mobile LMS and eCommerce experience for Leader Momentum.

The effort included LMS configuration, content hierarchy, email automation, copywriting, and payment integration.

The Leader Momentum platform launched to global customers and SPARK was able to "turn over the keys" to Momentum Development Group's internal team for ongoing content maintenance and LMS operation.

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