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    Mechanical Contractor

    Andy J. Egan Co. – PurchasePointe

    For the past 100 years, a premier Midwest mechanical contractor managed their purchase orders the same way many contractors do: by pen, paper, and spreadsheets. Unimpressed by available off-the-shelf digital solutions, Andy J. Egan turned to a dedicated SPARK team to build their own - PurhcasePointe.

    Purchase Pointe Mockup4

    SPARK helps Contractor Ditch Spreadsheets with Automation

    Project Breakdown

    SPARK Custom Web and Mobile App Development
    Project Size


    Custom Workflow

    SPARK Custom Software Development Services

    18 months

    SPARK Software Development and Design Experts
    Size of Team

    1 PM, 1 UX Designer,

    3 Developers, 1 Analyst

    SPARK Custom Workflow Automation

    Automates 2,0000 PO's per month

    The Challenge

    Andy J. Egan's forward-thinking leaders envisioned a new accounting workflow to improve their antiquated buyer-generated purchase transaction authorization. They were tired of a slow and expensive process that required employees to write everything down and manually transfer data.

    Leveraging their SPARK Assessment to identify all technical requirements and define the scope, Egan's stakeholders were able to design the business efficiency into their software.

    Proud SPARK Client | Andy J. Egan

    The Solution

    With SPARK, Egan launched PurchasePointe to automate their internal PO process. The new solution provides four unique PO templated versions based on exactly how their work is managed. It expedites the PO process with uploaded receipts, photos, and material/part lists.

    Because of the software's thoughtful and easy design, it was quick to adopt for Egan’s divisional administrative and field employees, enabling them to now process 2,000 POs a month.

    Services provided

    • Assessment
    • Design Services
    • Custom Software Development

    Technology used

    • PHP
    • CodeIgniter
    • MySQL
    • JQuery
    • AWS
    Proud SPARK Client | Andy J. Egan

    “We love the new streamlined PO communication across our project managers, project assistants, leaders, owners, vendors, and accounting teams! In the first month of implementation, we processed over 1,000 POs! The efficiencies are exceptional! All information is captured, updated, tracked, and communicated from the same templated version.

    Before automating this process, we had to write everything down and pass it along to all stakeholders. Now the PM/PA selects the correct version, pushes enter, and the PO is updated as the job progresses. Voila! Everyone is notified and can view the updates in real-time!

    Our partnership with SPARK has been crucial to our organizational growth and improvement.”

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