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    Provide Better Patient Care.

    Team up with our software developers and designers to customize and enhance your systems to optimize your workflows and provide patients with better services. 

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    A Practical Approach to Healthcare Innovation

    Mobile App

    Connected Health

    Provide on-demand and accessible care for your patients that meets their unique needs. 


    Improve Productivity

    Optimize your workflows so your workforce can spend time with patients (not on manual tasks). 



    Fill the gaps in your current systems and stop waiting until the end of the month to learn how things are going.

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    Enhance Your Services with Digital Solutions

    Providing Patient Care

    • Patient portals
    • Wellness programs
    • Health tracking apps
    • Personal health records
    • Digital & engaging care

    Improve Performance

    • Scheduling & staffing
    • Healthcare CRMs
    • Automate daily tasks
    • Appointment scheduling
    • Connected patient data

    Managing the Business

    • Daily reporting
    • Billing and finance
    • Practice management
    • Integrated systems and tools

    Securing Patient Data

    • HIPAA-Compliant
    • Data encryption
    • Data backups
    • Cyber threat protection
    • Incident management

    Want to discuss your company’s project?

    SPARK is ready to create your custom solution.

    Discuss my idea

    Want to discuss your company’s project?

    Discuss my idea

    Your business is unique, but off-the-shelf software is made for the masses.

    Don't settle for off-the-shelf solutions that don't fit the bill. SPARK's team of specialists can tailor solutions to the needs of your business and patients. 


    Practice Management


    Healthcare Startups


    Health Service Providers







    Innovate, Grow, and Succeed

    Healthcare Apps

    SPARK builds custom apps that transform and digitize health services. Our clients use these tools to connect with patients and customize their care. 

    Healthcare Dashboards

    Most health providers are buried in data, but they can't use it to make decisions.  Leverage a custom dashboard to understand how your practice is performing on a daily basis. 

    Workflow Tools

    SPARK builds custom healthcare workflow automation and practice management software to help your workforce provide quality care each day.

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