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CodeGuard is a one-stop solution for website protection. It offers industry-leading website backup products and malware remediation. But the CodeGuard team needed help with branding as well as some business processes.

SPARK was able to provide the design and development expertise it needed.

The Challenge

CodeGuard’s branding was inconsistent and did not show the brand’s strength. Its customer registration process was not user friendly. And, on the backend, its team did not have a dashboard that allowed it to track its business and serve its customers as effectively as it wanted. 

SPARK Proud Client | CodeGuard

The Solution

SPARK designed a user-friendly registration process that worked well both for CodeGuard and its customers. We also redesigned its internal dashboard so the CodeGuard team would always have easy access to the key information it needed to monitor the business and provide great customer service. SPARK also created updated brand standard guides that helps CodeGuard to showcase its bold identity.

SPARK Proud Client | CodeGuard

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