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Business Advisory Services

E78 Advisors helps private equity firms and their portfolio companies to meet critical accounting, financial, and operational goals.

When E78 wanted to capture their clients’ Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) in one spot, SPARK created a platform that extracts this data and presents it on an actionable dashboard.

The Challenge

Element78 helps private equity investment firms assist their portfolio companies in transitioning from being a founder-owned and operated company to an institutionally owned and managed one.

To do this, it needs to closely and dynamically track the portfolio companies’ productivity, goals, and growth. The challenge was that it didn’t have a good tool to monitor these important metrics in real time.

The "spreadsheets" just weren't going to cut it anymore.

SPARK Proud Client | Element78

The Solution

Collaborative strategy sessions helped uncover the exact business intelligence opportunity in the E78 data. The SPARK team then designed and built a workflow using API’s to pull the data from clients' databases and display it elegantly on the custom E78 dashboard.

Automated email reporting to stakeholders, financial performance visualization, and a host of other features empower the E78 team to differentiate their services.

By investing in a SPARK Team Subscription to optimize and add value to the robust platform, E78 is continuously growing the services they can provide to clients.

SPARK Proud Client | Element78

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