John E. Fetzer Digital Library


Preserving the Fetzer Institute's materials and expanding global digital access was a mission that led the nonprofit to partner with SPARK to build a digital archive and dynamic search program for their community. 

The Challenge

The need for a digital archive and search program to preserve and share all materials related to John E. Fetzer’s donor intent for the John E. Fetzer Institute.

Custom AI search engine built by SPARK

The Solution

SPARK created custom perpetual media library to help preserve John E. Fetzer’s legacy. The application was built using the latest Artificial Intelligence technologies to automatically analyze documents, images, and videos to create keywords, and rank media based on relevancy to help create contextual searches. The solution is smart, sustainable and cost-effective to maintain.

Custom multimedia timeline built by SPARK

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“SPARK created and delivered an excellent database and application solution process. They have combined on the fly design tools, with back-end programming and sophisticated project management to deliver projects on time and within budget. They brought AI tools to the project to eliminate tedious in-house procedures and create a timeless solution.

This is a first-rate search experience. The solution is user-friendly, easily understood, and packed with information. The search page design is clean and simple!”

President & CEO of the John E. Fetzer Memorial Trust