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Holtyn Wellness provides comprehensive worksite wellness programs. They have a long history of providing award-winning services that actually succeed and provide value.

When outdated technology was limiting their ability to deliver value to their clients, they turned to SPARK to relaunch their proprietary assessment platform and marketing website.

The Challenge

A one-to-one health assessment approach is core to the Holtyn business model. However, when Holtyn approached SPARK they were using an out-dated web system for health assessments. They did not own the code, so they had very little control to make functionality and user experience decisions that would enhance the business.

SPARK Proud Client | Holytn & Associates

The Solution

Efficiency for health assessment coaches and client experience were the primary focus for building a custom assessment platform with SPARK. The web based platform is the bridge between the assessment and clients. Employees can visualize results that can help long-term wellness decisions that fit their personal needs.

SPARK Proud Client | Holytn & Associates

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How did SPARK improve your business?

“SPARK was able to transform our process with updated technology. What used to take 3-4 hours of effort to prepare custom client reports can now be completed with the push of one button. Our participant's time has also been reduced while completing their Health Risk Assessments. The new online process is streamlined, updated in design and branding, and completely efficient for everyone involved."