WMU - Goal Scaling Solutions

Custom Goal Measurement and Reporting Software

Western Michigan University partnered with SPARK to transform their software for goal measurement and reporting into an intuitive and responsive digital platform.

The Challenge

The Research and Innovation group at Western Michigan University created Goal Scaling Solutions (GSS) as a platform to measure individual progress towards a given goal. It is used in business, healthcare, and education settings.

At first, GSS struggled with two previous vendors who were unable to make their vision a reality.

Looking to quickly improve their software, GSS sought out SPARK as a technology partner who could translate their program requirements into a fully functional solution.

SPARK Proud Client | WMU - GSS

The Solution

SPARK leveraged a strategic process to create the just-right GSS solution.

Starting with low-tech designs and evolving them into a clickable prototype, the GSS team was able to provide iterative feedback on the platform. 

This allowed GSS to "test drive" the solution at conferences and webinars to further ensure the design was right.

An elegant, professional, and easy-to-use application was launched with an 8-week development sprint!

SPARK Proud Client | WMU - GSS

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How did SPARK improve your business?

"My colleagues and I had the opportunity to work with SPARK Business Works on development of our digital solution, Goal Scaling Solutions. This device-responsive tool provides customers in education, healthcare, and business ways to measure individualized goals and do aggregated reporting on the same.

We had limited resources, and from scope of work to current phase, SPARK was responsive, diligent about updating, and stayed within budget. Our SPARK team provided us with regular reports, and kept us from any mission creep which is a risk in a project of this size.

When we asked to accelerate our timeline do to a need to implement quicker due to COVID and remote work, SPARK was on it. SPARK even worked with our University on hosting solutions, as they spoke the IT language that we lacked.

I would recommend SPARK to organizations that are looking for excellence in tech and business solutions, but may not have the translational expertise to make it happen in-house. SPARK provided that for us, and we will definitely partner again for the next phase of our project."

Interim Director - Associate Professor